Building a bridge between conflict & resolution

The construction industry is fundamentally different to most other industries of significant size. Projects undertaken are generally 'one off' instances and as such, require seamless teamwork between people from different disciplines, with varying ideals, qualifications and expectations, to achieve a common goal.

For the majority of construction projects, it is unlikely that the individual stakeholders will have worked together before. Relationships between the architects, engineers and surveyors need time to develop. In addition, there are different motivations: the Contractor or Sub-Contractor wants to maximise profit, while the Employer wants to maximise value. If a contract is not sufficiently clear, each party may interpret their rights and obligations differently.

Conflict over cost, time and quality can prove highly emotive, financially damaging, and could tarnish your business reputation.

At Davies & Davies Associates, we offer a true end-to-end solution to resolve conflict. Uniquely qualified as both Chartered Surveyors and Solicitors, we have over 20 years' experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, and Adjudication within the construction industry.

We can identify early signs of incompatibility within your project's lifecycle and by use of negotiation and compromise help avoid conflict before it happens; or, if a dispute has already arisen, guide you through the process of resolution to a satisfactory conclusion.

Call our Conflict Clinic on 0800 840 4025 to arrange a FREE one hour consultation to help you assess how to resolve your situation.

Whatever the conflict, Davies & Davies will work with you to build the bridge to a positive resolution

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